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The traditional pathway to what’s considered a “successful” career is becoming less and less popular, and for some who find themselves under circumstantial constraints, it’s nearly impossible.

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But at the intersection of the rapidly changing worlds of employment, education, and technology, seeking alternative routes to a successful life has never made more sense, and perhaps never been so potentially lucrative.

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But how do we know where to begin, and how do we know what type of support will be necessary along the way?

According to Hamoon Ekhtiari, the answers might be simpler than we think: “We need to have a Google Maps for the future of working and learning; just like Google Maps helps us navigate the physical world, we need something to help us navigate the unpredictable world of work and learning,” he says, and as the CEO of FutureFit AI, this is exactly what he’s creating. Imagine being able to locate yourself in terms of the skills and experience you currently bring to the table, set a career, income, or educational destination, and then sit back while AI algorithms use millions of data points to deliver a variety of potential pathways based on your specific requirements; it’s quite literally like a roadmap to your future life. That’s not all: you’ll also receive mentorship, support, and coaching for arising needs or unexpected roadblocks along your route.

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FutureFit AI is currently working with numerous employers, enterprises, and government institutions that want to help their employees upscale and rescale their jobs alongside the changing landscape of work and technology, expanding the realm of possibilities to include more than just promotion-based career advances. Interested in learning more? Tune in and visit

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