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Decades of chronic stress led to Scott Lifer nearly collapsing in the middle of a restaurant, feeling absolutely certain that he was about to die. It was a horrible experience for him, but one that would prompt him to look in the mirror and finally make a major change.

Tune in to learn more about Lifer’s story and explore:

  • The difference between endogenous and situational depression, and how Western medicine overlooks one of them
  • The relationship between internalized fear, something called tension myositis, and damage to the physical body
  • The critical connection between depression and vitamin D, and why we can never get enough of it from the sun OR from most supplements
  • The #1 precursor to postpartum depression, and how it is mistreated

Lifer is now the CEO and founder of Wake Up Sense, a holistic healing platform offering information and products you won’t find in Western medicine. At the fundamental level, Wake Up Sense products use orthomolecular science, which is just a fancy word for the cellular penetration of nutrients to the cells of the body. Combined with mental health education and psychotherapy, this approach is revolutionizing people’s lives, sometimes even overnight.

Press play now to discover what mainstream media and the typical Western medicine practitioner simply won’t tell you (because they probably don’t know it themselves).

Visit for information on supplements and a transformational 28-day program offered by Wake Up Sense.

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