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Level Sleep is a company that was founded just over three years ago with the goal of doing something no other company in the world of sleep was doing: designing and distributing mattresses that accommodate the natural curves of the human body.

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Founder of Level Sleep, James J Abodeely, explains the two primary goals of product development at Level Sleep: spinal alignment and uniform low pressure. He explains that until now, these two features have essentially been at odds with one another, forcing consumers to sacrifice support in favor of pressure, or vice versa.

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The mattress they’ve designed provides people with just the right amount of each, providing both spinal alignment and low pressure where it’s needed.

Their product has undergone a 30-person sleep trial and has been market-tested with positive reviews and a majority of consumers being patients of chiropractors—people who understand the value of spinal alignment and the right amount of pressure in the right locations, and what it’s like to deal with the chronic pain that can result from having neither. Abodeely discusses a number of topics, including the look, feel, and function of the mattress, how the recent revolution in online purchases of mattresses have led to a “been-in-a-box” model that’s actually improved the long-term integrity of mattresses, the specific details of the results of the sleep trial testing their mattress, and their patent pending adjustable Snore Relief pillow that provides superior support for the neck, reducing snoring.

Interested in learning more or getting one for yourself?

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