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“At first, it was like trying to drink from a firehose of knowledge…but I kept doing it, and getting better at it…” says Richard Jacobs, as he explains his experience in creating what’s now known as the Finding Genius Podcast.

Tune in for all of Jacobs’ insights, and discover:

  • What it took to co-author a book on viruses alongside 30 virologists and researchers
  • How and why an auto accident compelled Jacobs to investigate medicine, health, and bioscience
  • How to identify a real ‘genius’ in their area of expertise
  • The topic of the next book in the Finding Genius pipeline
  • The difference between people who are “splitters” vs. “clumpers”

Since 2016, Jacobs has interviewed nearly 3,000 genius-level researchers, practitioners, scientists, and entrepreneurs on various topics, ranging from cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to sleep science and chronic diseases.

Through this process emerged Finding Genius: Understanding Viruses, a compilation of 100 unique insights about viruses from researchers and virologists who answer some of the toughest questions that can be asked.

One of Jacobs’ biggest takeaways from his work thus far is this:

“If you want to solve the big, incredibly difficult problems, at the very least you’ve got to get together a consortium of people in the field and really go interdisciplinary…science and knowledge in general…needs to utilize the great minds that are working on a given problem to really solve it.”

Learn more about Richard Jacobs and the Finding Genius Foundation here:

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