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UBITQUITY, LLC is a company based out of Dover, Delaware, USA, with our partners and advisors located worldwide. What do we offer? We offer a simple user experience for securely recording, tracking, and transferring deeds with our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) blockchain platform. We are helping financial institutions, title, and mortgage companies benefit from a reduced title search time, increased confidence, and transparency. We recently launched our B2B (Business-to-Business) platform prototype for secure document storage/integration within and outside the United States and our alpha release will be available summer 2016.

Real World Solutions The ensuing environment of real estate financing and title transfers, has resulted in massive amounts of document errors and fraud, stemming from the unprecedented complexity of today’s housing industry and the historic defaults occurring during the recent financial crisis in the country’s housing/financial sector. To streamline and address this costly problem going forward, Ubitquity has created a platform for recording every pertinent step of a real estate transaction, including permanent storage of key documents, through a simple, secure portal, which permanently records the transaction on an immutable ledger called the blockchain.

Since problematic title transfer of ownership still causes innumerable financial and emotional hardships to citizens, financial institutions, and municipalities annually, blockchain technology is not only desirable but vital for improving economic development. Our platform includes secure document storage specifically designed to enhance transparency, reduce cost, and improve overall efficiency.

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