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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. Sam Rodgers, Medical Director for Medichecks (, provides a thorough overview of his company and their mission.

Dr. Rodgers joined Medichecks as their Medical Director in 2017. He has worked extensively as a GP in the London area for over a decade.

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The Medichecks mission is to deliver advanced laboratory blood screening options to everyone. By connecting the top pathology laboratories with innovative consumer technology Medichecks offers blood testing that is efficient and simple to utilize.

The Medichecks director discusses the background and history of his company. He explains the process and the methods for sampling they use. Medichecks offers convenience in that users have the option of collecting their blood samples through simple-to-use, at-home finger pricks or the standard doctor’s office venous sampling.

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Results are provided online replete with a doctor’s report. As Dr. Rodgers states, the essence of the service is easy to use and provides tremendous convenience.

Dr. Rodgers talks about the many benefits that their system offers, such as getting some early results before a doctor’s visit, because visit scheduling is such that it may be three weeks or so before most people can get in to see their doctor in the UK. And as Dr. Rodgers communicates, at Medichecks they are particularly interested in focusing on the lifestyle measures that people can take to improve their health and wellness.

By looking at results, individuals can help themselves to make better choices and potentially avoid some health problems down the road. And he talks about their early experimentation with AI as a means to further improve their successful system that is currently in place. While he hesitates to say that AI will ever replace doctors, it can certainly enhance and augment their diagnostic skills.

The diagnostics innovator discusses how different types of people can utilize their system, such as athletes, for example, who can use the Medichecks platform to improve health and performance. Whatever the goal of the individual… to feel better than they currently do, to strive to live longer, or exercise harder, etc., the Medichecks system, with its easy, at-home testing options makes health monitoring simpler than ever before.

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