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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Kyle Silvestro, Founder & CEO of SyTrue™ has been working on natural language processing for medical applications for the last decade.

He talks about how clinical natural language processing translates unstructured clinical data into actionable information. NLP not only understands the content but the meaning and context behind the content, providing caregivers essential and accurate data (complete picture) that can be used to make the right decisions at the right time impacting the lives of the patients going forward.

The right NLP can prevent misdiagnoses, show a patient’s true meaning and intent when they discuss their symptoms, and more.

Kyle shares his thoughts on what the technology will be able to achieve in medical data realm from accurate prediction of congestive heart failure to predicting the risk factors that may lead to congestive heart failure. This technology is going to impact 30 million people in the coming years while saving billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Listen to Kyle Silvestro’s exclusive interview to find out more about clinical language processing and more. Subscribe, share and review the podcast and donate Bitcoins to Future Tech Podcast so we keep bringing you the latest news & updates.

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