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The idea of buying or selling a home can be daunting, and the process itself can be a significant expenditure of time and money. But more and more people are learning that there’s absolutely no reason it has to be this way.  “We do everything an agent would do, but we do it with data; we use deep learning, artificial intelligence and big data to find buyers and sellers,” says Jack Ryan, CEO of REX Real Estate. By applying digital solutions to the world of real estate, Ryan has found a way of avoiding intermediaries and going straight to the consumer source.

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As a result, REX Real Estate sells homes about 25-30% faster than traditional real estate agents, and they do so for just a third of the fee.

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But the benefits that REX Real Estate offer extend even beyond efficiency and affordability, so hit play to hear more.

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Ryan also discusses:

  • REX Real Estate’s use of in-home robots programmed to answer-with almost 100% accuracy- any variant of the 75 most commonly asked questions by potential buyers
  • The details of how his company uses technology to identify likely buyers and sellers, including the digital analysis of longitudinal and latitudinal changes in consumer behavior
  • How big data is being utilized to monitor conversion rates and provide real-time demand metrics on consumers’ homes

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