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Energy and food production is constantly evolving, and as resources seem to dwindle, experts are looking at alternative approaches to a multitude of ecological issues. Joining us today to discuss his perspective on this matter is Rob Avis, an expert in renewable energy and regenerative design.

Rob is the Owner, Lead Instructor, and Engineer at Verge Permaculture – an internationally-recognized and award-winning regenerative design, consulting, and education center. With a background in the oil and gas industry, Rob saw the need for a global mindset shift. Now he is focused on creating cultivated ecosystems that provide food and other crucial resources…

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Jump in now to explore:

  • What inspired Rob to pursue permaculture.
  • The importance of using energy more efficiently. 
  • The reality of our society’s energy consumption.

Want to find out more about Rob and his work? Click here now!

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