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The fourth annual Texas Bitcoin Conference is just around the corner, slated for October 28-29 in Austin, Texas. “I think this is a period of great innovation, and people are looking to see how to use the blockchain to solve real problems…and how to take part in such a way that…when cryptocurrency explodes, they’ve got a roll, they’ve got a piece of it. So a lot of this conference is going to be focused on that, and on the technology, the opportunities, and how to use cryptocurrencies as a store of value,” says Snow. But he was sure to add that the topics won’t shy away from current controversies, but will address them head on: what does Bitcoin Cash mean for Bitcoin, what does SegWit 2x mean, and what is the roadmap going forward?

  • Tune in to hear Snow discuss more, including the following:
  • Some of the speakers and sponsors that will be attending
  • Insights and accomplishments that have come out of conferences from previous years
  • The different types of workshops that will be available, and the “20-20-20” format of the conference
  • How to find out more details (and where to get discount codes!)

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