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Today we are joined by rare disease expert James A. Geraghty. James has been a director of eight NASDAQ-listed biotech companies, and chair of five. As someone that has worked on “orphan drugs” for over 40 years, James has fulfilled many roles in this industry – from venture entrepreneur to CEO.

Drawing from his experience in this complex field of science, James wrote Inside the Orphan Drug Revolution: The Promise of Patient-Centered Biotechnology, a book that explores the world of rare diseases and how healthcare manages them…

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In this episode, we explore:

  • What orphan drugs and diseases are.
  • How funding is allocated to rare disease research.
  • Why orphan drugs can be difficult to make accessible.
  • What makes specialized drugs cost so much. 
  • The most common sources of orphan disease treatment options. 

Why is it so important to treat patients that suffer from rare diseases? James addresses this question and others like it in this highly insightful discussion on healthcare!

Click here to learn more about James and his work!

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