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In 2015, Ofer A. Lidsky, co-founder and CEO of DNATIX, helped develop Excellent Brain, a product that provides neurofeedback solutions for enhancing focus, attention span, and overall learning capabilities. It’s for everyone but has been shown to be especially effective for those with ADHD, a disorder that affects six million kids in the US alone and is considered one of the biggest problems in the educational system today.

Excellent Brain is making neurofeedback training accessible like never before; whether you’re in school, at a clinic, or simply relaxing at home, this platform is easy to utilize.

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Comprised of 30 sessions total–each requiring only about an hour of time each week–the program interactively engages users in numerous entertaining games designed to enhance and maintain focus.

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They’re focused on reaching three main markets: those who struggle with ADHD, those who want to improve their performance in sports by more easily attaining a state of being “in the zone,” and then those who fall into the elder category and wish to strengthen or maintain mental capacity.

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Excellent Brain is currently being offered at no cost to schools in Israel, and those who have used it report higher grades in school, improved performance in sports, and longer-lasting attention spans, all of which can revolution a person’s life.

Press play to learn more about this exciting new program, and visit for additional information or to purchase the program itself.

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