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Marco Abele is the founder and CEO of TEND, a platform that will allow its users to invest in and have access to a variety of items, such as collectible cars, vineyards, and jewelry. Based on the interests of their customers and using blockchain technology, TEND will create certificates for popular items and allow for them to be co-owned in the form of digital tokens via smart contracts.

For example, rather than spending the money to buy an expensive collectible car outright, a user can find people who are mutually interested in that car, enter a token-based co-ownership agreement with them, and start receiving access to and the proceeds of the appreciation of that car.

TEND is not even a year old but has already developed a digital interface on which unique items can be managed, and plans to launch the platform this April to a select 100 customers in Switzerland. By the end of next year, they plan on entering the international market.

Tune in to learn more, and visit for the latest updates.


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