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There are about 150 million research papers in the world. Just consider that briefly: 150 million. There are 3,000 papers in science, technology, and medicine being published every single day. Our knowledge of ourselves and the world is growing at an exponential rate. So how are we going to keep track of all this information?

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A company called is designing an A.I. researcher to do just that: to keep track, to keep tabs on the world’s research. The goal is to build an A.I. system that can take a question or an input and troll through all the research papers and patents in that area. Having done that, the goal is to report back—not only with the aggregated search results, but with a clear understanding of what it means as a greater whole.

Tune in to learn more about IRIS.

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ai. Be sure to subscribe and review. And if you can, consider donating some BitCoin to the cause.


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