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Medtech Impact on Wellness

In Canada, 27 people are going to die today because of an adverse drug reaction, and in the US, ten times that number will die for the same reason.

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But with the right patient-specific prescribing software and enough time for thorough patient-doctor conversations prior to choosing or prescribing a new medication, many of these deaths can be prevented.

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GenXys is a company that’s developed software that considers every relevant aspect of an individual’s health history, current health status, and current drug list before providing a comprehensive list of the drugs that could be used to treat a particular condition, along with information about risk factors, warnings, adverse drug interactions, efficacy, and more. Current drug interaction software programs are designed to send alerts only after a drug has been chosen, thereby acting as more of an afterthought warning for what’s already been decided. GenXys software delivers these warnings to clinicians before they even sit down for the discussion with their patients.

“In the end, what we’re trying to do is give the physician and the patient all the drug options and the information about those drugs options precisely and very, very quickly…you want to have the time in the consultation focused on the discussion, not on the software, so our aim is to make the software almost in the background, so you don’t notice it as the clinician or as the patient,” says Dr. Martin Dawes, MD, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of GenXys. He brings a wealth of information to the conversation, discussing the current state of affairs in drug development and approval, the current process of deciding upon and prescribing drugs, and the importance of changing the status quo in these areas.

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Press play for the full conversation, and visit to learn more.

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