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Hu:toma provides free access to their proprietary platform offering tools to create & share conversational AIs that can be used to take the place of humans responding to live chat on a client’s website and social media.

Maurizio Cibelli, CEO of Hu:toma says that they help companies reduce recruitment costs by using artificially intelligent programs that act & behave like humans but they are considerably less expensive and infinitely scalable (i.e. they never get tired and need zero salary)

Hu:toma can take your chat logs & builds a custom AI that can have meaningful dialogues with the end users. Hu:toma AIs can assemble answers on the fly by learning from previous conversations instead of just relying on pre-packaged answers.

AI is evolving and it does not rely on scripted learning anymore. Learn more about this fascinating technology by listening to the interview with Maurizio Cibelli, CEO of Hu:toma.

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