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In this episode, we discuss all things related to aquatic systems and coral reefs with Christopher D’Elia. Christopher is Dean and Professor at Louisiana State University’s College of the Coast and Environment, where he has been refining his knowledge in marine science and biology since 2009.

Christopher began studying coral reefs in the early ‘70s, and since then, he has been recognized for his poignant research on nutrient pollution by nitrogen. What has he found in his more than five decades of aquatic discovery? Join us now to find out…

Click play to explore:

  • The immense diversity gradient of coral reefs.
  • What happens when coral reefs are “bleached”, and what this means for the environment around them.
  • Different diseases that can affect coral reefs, and why they seem to be increasing.
  • The habitats that coral reefs typically occupy.

To learn more about Christopher D’Elia and his work, visit now!

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