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How are microplastics breaking down into nanoplastics, and is this affecting plant and animal life? Joana M. Sipe, a Postdoctoral Researcher at Duke University joins the podcast to share her perspective on this important topic.

As an environmental engineer studying the degeneration of polymers and the release of chemical additives, Joana is at the forefront of microplastic research – and her findings are intriguing…

Listen in to discover:

  • How plastic particles can create molecular charges that disrupt the environment around them.
  • If plastic additives leech into the environment as they break down.
  • How plastics are contaminating our food, and thus, being ingested into our bodies.
  • Where microplastic solutions may be heading in the future.

Joana has been working in plastics research for over 7 years, and as public interest has shifted toward this issue, her motivation is at an all-time high. Tune in now to learn how her studies are shaping this gripping scientific movement!

To learn more about Joana and her investigations, click here now!

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