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“Within the automation business unit, we empower customers to accelerate and be more agile, enabling them to deploy software faster and ensure their infrastructure is continuously automated and that their mission-critical business processes run successfully and on time,” says Gwyn Clay, vice president of product management at CA Automic.

Having been around for four decades, CA Automic is a global enterprise software company that grew alongside other major names in the industry, such as IBM and Microsoft. Clay explains that as new applications continually replace those that have been around for 20 or 30 years, they don’t always do so immediately or completely. That’s where CA Automic comes in: to create smooth and seamless integration across all generations of technology.

Clay discusses the benefits of automation in general and addresses some of the public’s generalized fears about what it will ultimately mean for jobs. He also lends some insight on what this space will offer in the next few decades. Hit play to learn more.


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