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With the ever-increasing prevalence of mobile devices these days, they’re finding their way into the hands of kids, where they seem to be staying for a growing number of hours each day.

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There’s no doubt that these connected lives we’re living provide us with some benefits, such as the ability to have maps, educational info, and health-related content at our fingertips, but this level of access can also be a significant source of distraction that negatively impacts the way we interact with others and the environment around us. And of course, the accessibility provided by cell phones also means potential exposure to content we don’t want to see, and particularly don’t want our kids seeing.

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The team at OurPact has developed a solution to deal with the drawbacks of connected mobile devices: a digital parental control app that gives people the ability to limit app use, filter what is seen on the web, monitor the location of the device, and take automated screenshots to search for keywords that fall into certain categories, such as violent, drug-related, or sexual content. But OurPact isn’t just being used to monitor kids; it’s being used by professionals and students who recognize their own need to put away their phones and focus on their daily goals.

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On today’s episode, Director of Communications at OurPact, Paige Mayer, explains all the ins and outs of what just might be the best screen time app for Android, as well as what’s to come in the near future. Tune in.

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