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Where do we turn if we cannot feed our newborns? Baby formula shortages are becoming a real problem, and parents are being forced to find creative ways out of this conundrum . . .

In this episode, we are joined by Ammie Harris, the founder of Ammie Harris Homestead. Ammie sits down to chat with us about the baby formula shortage, and how she has come up with holistic alternatives to this invaluable resource. Using her Youtube channel and blog as a platform, Ammie has dedicated much of her time to educating people on this important topic and providing essential motherhood tips.

Click play to explore:

  • How and why Ammie came up with an alternative baby formula for her child.
  • What it means to be a “homesteader”, and the skills that come with it.
  • The habits you can cultivate to create a healthy home.
  • How Ammie has “used her diet as sunscreen”

Do you want to master new ways to be a self-sustaining parent? Access Ammie Harris’s educational resources by visiting her blog here and her Youtube channel here!

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