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Why has Gout been an incredibly challenging condition for many individuals to treat?

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Even though treatments have been developed and used, Gout flares can remain, being an incredibly painful and diminishing quality of life.

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Listen up to learn:

  • the predominant problem for patients with Gout
  • the specific gene that should be tested for
  • Why Gout tophi can cause issues

Nihar Bhakta, the CMO of Aristea Therapeutics, speaks about treating Gout and giving patients lasting relief.

Gout has long troubled patients, causing severe inflammatory reactions and limiting motion and quality of life.

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However, lowering uric acid is the primary treatment method and can remain challenging for some patients.

If patients are mistreated over time, they can go on to develop kidney issues, which may even begin to turn chronic. Hopefully, with further development, Aristea and a handful of other companies can produce treatments to reduce uric acid while limiting possible adverse effects.

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