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If you have lofty visions of banking millions off cryptocurrency, Decentral CEO Anthony Di Iorio and COO Charlie Shrem have words to contemplate as they discuss what Di Iorio calls a “shifting from the information age to a much more powerful age of value”.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain continue their unstoppable climb to mainstream relevancy, trying to get your foot in the door without the proper knowledge will leave you vulnerable. Pay heed to Di Iorio and Shrem’s views on this and other aspects of the burgeoning industry: both men have been embedded for years and have seen it all.

They discuss Decentral and its core product Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet software. They also reveal a Rating System that helps them determine whom they should and shouldn’t work with. Just as importantly, they also disclose common pitfalls that newbies to the ecosystem should be aware of and whether or not Trump is one of them.

If all of that isn’t enough, check out what else you’ll also learn:

  • The eight crucial things tour company needs to thrive in the ecosystem (and what spelling has to do with it)
  • The biggest threat to the industry’s reputation
  • How to reduce your reliance on banks
  • That and are restricting your learning curve – and how you can overcome this

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