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The Human Genome Project took 13 years and cost 3 billion dollars. That was for just one human genome. Now the cost of DNA-sequencing has fallen dramatically. You can do human genetic testing for under a thousand dollars a genome today. And now next-gen DNA-sequencing technology has become economical enough to apply in different contexts.

Take, a Silicon Valley tech company that’s built a DNA-sequencing platform for food. It’s expensive to mess up food, for a manufacturer.

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“The average food safety recall averages around ten million an incident, but can climb much higher,” says ClearLabs co-founder Mahni Ghorashi.

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Besides the cost to business, which totals 55 million a year, there’s also the cost to human life, with 3,000 deaths from food-bourne illnesses yearly. With the tech ClearLabs is developing, all this can be prevented.

Listen to learn more about ClearLabs, and the application of DNA-sequencing to the food industry.

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