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Jeff Klunzinger, co-founder of OS Fund (, delivers an overview of investing for change, and how his company is putting money to work in all the right places, affecting change and improving lives. OS Fund’s objective is to invest in skilled entrepreneurs who are making commercially viable advances in artificial intelligence, genomics, synthetic biology, automation, new materials development, and more, to solve real-world problems. From using bacteria to capture carbon and clean the air, to applying technology to augment crop growth in hunger-stricken areas, OS Fund seeks to make a positive imprint on the world by funding those who can make a difference. In just four quick years the fund has invested in 28 companies that are doing the work to make that difference in the world.

The investment executive provides some interesting details on some of the enterprises his company funds. NuMat Technologies, for example, is a leader in the design of MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks), which are atomically-engineered materials with immense surface areas, extremely tunable porosities, and practically limitless combinatorial possibilities. NuMat’s MOFs can make a major impact on the planet as they can filter water from the air, xenon from the ocean, and even increase storage for gas by scientifically increasing surface area. Another innovative company OS Fund has capitalized is Ginko Bioworks, an organism company. Ginko Bioworks designs tailored microbes for multiple customers in numerous markets. By utilizing software and hardware automation, Ginko Bioworks’ synthetic biology engineers are able to produce new organisms that replace tech with biology.

While many technologies require excessive capital expenditure to bring their advances to the marketplace, OS Fund looks for ‘ready-to-go’ technologies that can be rolled out for a doable expenditure and thus bring them to market sooner. By taking minimal scientific risks and focusing heavily on the technological side of projects, Klunzinger’s OS Fund is able to capitalize more companies making a difference.

Klunzinger expounds upon the next stage synthetic biology applications that will be coming soon, such as the use of computational tools that can, remarkably, produce brand new proteins. Additionally, he talks about exciting new companies that focus on the microbiome, which are the microorganisms in a distinct environment (including the body or a specific part of the body). And as individuals utilize microbiome testing they can begin to study and make an impact on their health.

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And the funding strategist also discusses how AI is now rolling into nearly all the companies they assist monetarily.

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Ultimately, OS Fund seeks to capitalize companies that impact the entire world positively with advanced technological innovations, big vision companies with a pragmatic sensibility.

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While Klunzinger likes careful craftsmanship of ideas, his fund looks for signs that the company understands the value of the equity they are seeking, so once capitalization occurs, the company is ready to roll straight forward toward commercialization.

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