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Shooting satellite photography is suboptimal at night. It’s also hard to get a good picture through a cloud. But it’s night on 50% of the globe at any given time. What’s more, another 50% of earth is covered in clouds. (That means there are parts of the planet that are both dark and clouded.) All in all, only a certain percentage of satellite photos are actually usable. We’re taking a lot of pictures of indistinguishable darkness.

This is where Capella Space comes in, with tiny, backpack-sized satellites that can shoot at night and through clouds. “Because of that,” explains Payam Banazedeh, “We’ve got an unique opportunity to monitor important places around the world… completely regardless of what the weather and light conditions are.”

Hit play to learn more about Capella Space and their new satellite technology. Subscribe, review, and if you can, donate some BitCoin to the cause. Every little bit helps.


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