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Joshua Neilly, Chief Growth Officer of CannabisMD (, discusses the fascinating world of cannabis.

Neilly talks about the company and its decision to name it utilizing the “MD” element. He discusses some of the major players they have brought on board to help guide the company’s trajectory.

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Neilly talks about how their company and vision are starkly divergent from the traditional ‘smoke-oriented’ sites that offer information on CBD (cannabidiol). As Neilly explains, with CannabisMD, they have taken cannabis information to the next level, delivering information for a global audience in a format that would rival any major publication—moving into the mainstream. As he states they are creating what the market needs just as much as what the market wants.

Neilly explains that they are taking their information to the public in a manner that is evolving at the same rate as the public is, in regard to cannabis and CBD acceptance. Currently, CBD is the primary focus as there is less aversion to it in the general population.

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As he states, a large group of people are currently using CBD and the numbers are growing.

Neilly provides detailed information on CBD, and he sees a future in which, eventually, society will begin to treat it like an amino acid, something that can benefit many people in a variety of ways. Neilly talks about his thoughts on the benefits and bonuses to using CBD.

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He discusses THC and how CBD rails in the traditional negative aspects associated with THC, such as drowsiness, sleepiness, paranoia, and anxiety.

Neilly discusses their website and new developments. He explains the kinds of information that they currently offer and the information that will be coming in the future.

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