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Bradford Siff is the founder and president of Biowave, a company that is providing people with an easy-to-use, long-lasting, opioid-free and effective form of pain relief. This new pain-blocking technology delivers electrical signals through the skin and into deep tissues, blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Regular electrical stimulation devices deliver signals that reach only the surface of the skin, rather than the surface of pain nerves.

Biowave offers a professional-grade version of the device that’s already being used in hospitals, pain clinics and by professional sports teams, and has shown to be effective in treating chronic, acute and post-operative pain. A home prescription device is also available, which is portable and handheld.

Thirty minutes of treatment a day can result in 24 hours of pain relief, and it’s intuitive to use: just place the electrodes on the site of pain, plug them into the device, power the device on and control the level of intensity of the treatment you receive.

Tune in to hear more details about this technology, an informative discussion about the mechanism of pain itself, and a few exciting new products on the horizon for Biowave. To get in contact, call 1-877-Biowave, send an email to, or visit

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