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Royal jelly, honey, propolis, pollen…the list of bee products that many of use from day to day is long. But fewer people are aware that there’s something less tangible yet just as healing about bees: their energy.

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Press play to step into the medicinal world of bees and learn:

  • Why and how one teaspoon of honey per day can prolong your life
  • How bees clean the air inside their hives, and how humans can benefit from this too
  • What studies have shown about the regenerative properties of royal jelly, and how this provides additional evidence of its effectiveness in treating multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • What is known about the composition and properties of different types of propolis around the world

Since entering the field of medicine 33 years ago, Cristina Aosan wanted to treat everything—including that which conventional medicine said was untreatable or uncurable. To this end, she began studying various topics on her own, which led her to apitherapy, a branch of medicine that uses honey bee products to treat people.

As a physician at Melidava Consulting in Romania, Aosan treats people with nearly every type of ailment you can imagine, including multiple sclerosis, tumors, liver viruses, and obstructive atherosclerosis. She takes an individualized approach with each patient, drawing from an extensive toolbox containing honey, propolis, royal jelly, drone larvae, pollen, and more.

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In some places, patients can even stay in homes arranged near bee hives to take in the healing and harmonious energy of the bees themselves—a practice that is becoming increasingly well-known.

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Aosan explains the applications of various bee products, the history of apitherapy and its use by the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, how bees use propolis as an air-cleaning mechanism, and what she hopes is in store for the future of apitherapy.

Tune in for all the details.

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