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Geocentrism. Preformationism. Ice pick lobotomies cure depression.

What do these ideas have in common?

They were once accepted as true, influencing how people understood and interacted with the world around them.

From our modern-day vantage point, we can laugh at the absurdity – at the foolishness of our forefathers. We might even consider them hoodwinked by holes in their own scientific knowledge.

But we can also learn something, which is that humans love storytelling.

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 Whether we tell them or listen to them, stories help us make sense of the world.

That doesn’t make them true.

It might take a year, century, or millennium, but every story – and the compelling beliefs they engender – is liable to be disrobed, layer by layer…

Often until the emperor has no clothes.

Press play to explore:

  • What the Nuremberg Code entails, its importance, and its place in the medical ethics profession today.
  • AIDS, autism, and Cohh-viddd-19 – possible connections, big implications.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women: where it went, why, and how it all might relate to the normalization of ‘gender fluidity.
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  • Intubation: the when, why, and serious risks.

In addition to pioneering much of the technology we use today, Ken McCarthy is an educator, activist, and author.

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 Find his books on Amazon, including Unraveling the Cohh-viddd Con: How One Marketer Exposed the Truth When It Mattered (Volume I and II).

Tune in to tap into decades’ worth of his eye-opening insight.

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