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The process of regenerating damaged skin tissue has been happening naturally in humans for millennia, and as medical experts continue to develop faster and more effective regenerative medicines, this process continues to evolve and progress. 

Dr. Ryan Mathis, Chief Medical Officer at PolarityTE and former plastic surgery resident at Georgetown University, has been on the frontlines of skin regeneration research. PolarityTE is pioneering a new tissue engineering method called SkinTE, and Dr. Mathis clues us in on how this method functions. 

Listen now as Dr. Mathis discusses:

  • How SkinTE can take cells from a patient to regenerate tissue for treatment of wounds.
  • How diabetic foot ulcers worsen, and the role of skin regeneration in treating them.
  • The different ways the body heals wounds.

Find more information about Dr. Mathis’s research and SkinTE at

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