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Every day small banks are forced into dreadful contracts by their Core and IT suppliers. Community banks are disappearing. They are being acquired on a daily basis and with it, the personalized touch of banking goes out the window as well. A veteran in the fields of finance, banking and technology, Alexander Lopatine, now Managing Director at Paladin (, joins us to explain what they are doing to help community banks and credit unions get on an even playing field with their outsourced Core & IT services, in order to survive and thrive in the fast-evolving climate.

Paladin is a well-known consulting firm in the banking space, with Lopatine now leading their newly-created Fintech Advantage division. The focus is on helping community banks and credit unions gain access to financial technology or the fintech they need to be sustainable and successful in their industry.

In this intriguing interview, Lopatine enlightens us on how the team at Paladin fs are helping community banks and credit unions understand and action contract negotiations, merger solutions, vendor selection, quote checks and lifetime protection services with their Core and IT vendors.

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