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Katherine Brown, holistic health coach, lifestyle designer, and founder of Just Bein’ Honest ( talks about the many ways that we can make dietary and health changes that will improve our lives.

Brown is passionate about health. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic diseases and/or daily pain, and they are simply unaware that their own patterns, lifestyles, nutrition, and behaviors are causing their poor health. But the good news is, for most, changes can bring dramatic improvement. Brown’s mission is to help people restore their gut health so they can mentally and physically perform at optimum levels.

Brown talks about her passion for sharing the secrets to good health. From mental awareness to body awareness, incorporating fitness and nutrition, Brown’s methodology is proven to reshape the body and mind and improve health. Brown talks about her background and the neurological issues she experienced earlier in her life.

She talks about the many ways she works with people. Brown focuses on mental awareness first and how we talk to ourselves, and only after making progress there does she move on to body awareness, posture, exercise, etc. But this is only the surface; she goes deep with her clients and really assesses their issues to help them improve their lives in multiple ways.

Brown talks about her abilities to connect with people and the forces of various energies. She explains the basic tenets of her work with clients and the transformations they can make. Brown seeks to inspire people to enhance their health and well being as well as their overall lifestyle by providing a truthful perspective on eating healthy foods and reaching our potential on a mental and physical level.

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