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Could your seemingly insurmountable anxiety or depression be a little simpler than it feels?

The answer might surprise you, and then change your life.

Tune in to discover:

  • Why some people with high levels of anxiety also have electrolyte imbalances
  • How a genetic inability to process some supplements can lead to severe symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Why the doctor might tell you your levels of B12 are too high, when in reality you are deficient in it (and what to do about it!)
  • Why vitamin D deficiency is so widespread, and how it’s associated with depression and anxiety

Returning guest, Sandy Bevacqua, has a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, and is an expert on the connection between biochemistry and anxiety and depression.

No matter who is sitting before her and no matter what their ailment, Bevacqua always begins by getting a very detailed medical history and biochemical picture. Her goal is to get to the cause of anxiety and depression, which she says is almost always related to a person’s biochemistry and genetic ability to process certain supplements or produce certain enzymes.

She dives into the details of many common problems underlying anxiety and depression, which biochemical deficiencies are more associated with anxiety as opposed to depression (and vice versa), and how to seek help.

Bevacqua has a wealth of invaluable information on this topic. This isn’t one to miss.

Press play now, and visit to learn more.

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